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oli studio v10

oli studio v10

OLI Studio contains:

  • OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

  • OLI Studio: ScaleChem

  • OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer (with EVS)

The OLI Studio was formerly known as Analyzer Studio.

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

A virtual electrolyte chemistry laboratory on your PC

  The Stream Analyzer is OLI\’s simplest and clearest access to the electrolyte thermodynamic framework.

  The software features single point equilibrium calculations, multiple point survey calculations for trend analysis for temperature, pressure, pH and composition effects, and simple mix and separate capability.

  The calculations provide vapor, liquid, solid, and 2nd liquid phase separations for a fully speciated model. Properties such as pH, ORP, viscosity, density, enthalpy as well as compositions are reported.

Product:oli studio v10