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IDEA StatiCa v23.1

IDEA StatiCa v23.1
The new version of IDEA Statica 23.0 will further simplify the workflow of engineers and designers. We have improved the analysis model to obtain more accurate results. We use a new function to define the relative positions between elements, thereby accelerating the simulation process. Engineers and designers can now spend less time simulating simple and moderately complex nodes: IDEA Statica will provide node execution for a given element topology. The 23.0 version also provides a large number of AISC updates, including various explanations and prompts.

In addition, the new version of IDEA Statica 23.0 has brought many new features and improvements to reinforced concrete experts, from the official release of the thoroughly tested and validated IDEA Statica Member, to the RCS fire protection application, and to the Detail application, with a focus on MSIQ solutions. This will greatly accelerate the calculation process and improve the reliability of the results.

It is worth noting that the implementation of anchor inspection is separately assigned according to RF specifications: STO 36554501-048-2016, SP 43.13330.2012, and SP 16.13330.2017. Now, in IDEA Statica Connection, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of any node (including reference nodes) based on RF design standards. The results of all inspections will be displayed in the report within a few minutes.

IDEA StatiCa 23.1 is the second release of the year and brings more features than the spring one What did we try to achieve with this version? We are pushing our BIM workflows to the next level, allowing engineers to design more in reinforced and stressed concrete, and implementation of features for connection design we were asked to come from around the world by you – our customers
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