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StructurePoint spMats 10.00

StructurePoint spMats 10.00
spMats is structural engineering software for analysis, design, and investigation of concrete foundation systems including pile caps and slabs on grade. Powered by a sophisticated FEM solver, spMats offers a clean and simple interface for developing and editing models for structural foundations. From small simple column footings to large and complex industrial building foundations, spMats features intuitive visual tools to create, run, and iterate on your models with confidence. Organize your final foundation design results in a customizable report to create a professional project submittal.

Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
spMats provides a versatile and easy-to-use interface for creating and editing models, and viewing the results.

Templates for Modeling with Speed
spMats offers a wide range of templates for the creation of new models with speed and simplicity.

Intuitive Modeling
spMats features extensive drawing, drafting, and visual tools to assist with the creation of your models. You can view loads and boudary conditions for error-free model development.

Easy Modification and Navigation
spMats inteface enables you to modify models with speed and precision.

Sophisticated FEM Solver
spMats is powered by a sophisticated 64-bit FEM Solver for increased capacity and substantial speed in solving large and complex models.

Friendly Reporting
spMats features fully customizable Reporter module that helps create detailed, organized, and professional project submittals.

In spMats, you can easily export column and/or pile sections to spColumn.

Product:StructurePoint spMats 10.00