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DNV GL Phast Safeti 8.6

DNV GL Phast Safeti 8.6

QRA software package that has become the industry standard for quantitative risk analysis for industries that work with hazardous materials

QRA software

Safeti is the user-friendly industry standard QRA software tool for carrying out quantitative risk analysis of onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities or analysis of chemical transport risk. Safeti analyses complex consequences from accident scenarios, taking account of local population and weather conditions, to quantify the risks associated with the release of hazardous chemicals. Safeti is a QRA software solution that allows you to quickly identify major risk contributors, allowing you to take action to mitigate those risks.

Assessing process plant risk with QRAs

  • Safeti is the most comprehensive quantitative risk analysis software tool available for assessing chemical and petrochemical process plant risks
  • Capability to quantify the risk associated with your installation including risk contours, FN curves  and rankings of risk contributors 
  • A major decision support tool for your strategic planning, facility siting and layout, and for detailed risk and safety assessments of onshore facilities

Pipeline risk analysis and more

At onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities and pipelines, risk analysis needs to be done comprehensively, within a structured framework. Safeti (Software for the Assessment of Flammable, Explosive and Toxic Impact) is by far the most comprehensive QRA software tool available for process plant and pipeline risk analysis. It is designed to perform all the analytical, data processing and results presentation elements of a QRA within a structured framework.

Quantitative risk modelling with Safeti

  • Our QRA software, Safeti, incorporates the world-leading consequence analysis capabilities of Phast, including DNV\’s proprietary Unified Dispersion Model (UDM)
  • Generates numerous risk metrics (e.g. FN Curves or Individual Risk) for comparison with legislative or user-defined acceptance criteria
  • Facilitates cost reduction in terms of losses and insurance
  • Risk ranking and hazard zone identification for guidance concerning possible mitigation measures, including operation, emergency response and land use planning
  • Provides traceability and consistency in calculations
  • Risk results are available graphically and may be overlaid on digitized maps, satellite photos and plant layouts
  • Designed to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements of many countries, with tailor-made specifications incorporated into the program
  • Safeti can be used for chemical transport risk analysis

Product:DNV GL Phast Safeti 8.6