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Schlumberger Techlog 2023.2

Schlumberger Techlog 2023.2
Schlumberger Techlog is a new petroleum physics interpretation software package. Today, petrology places high demands on experts and the software they work with. Therefore, the ability and functionality of software products may be the decisive factors determining the quality of petrophysical interpretation.

Benefits of using Schlumberger Techlog:

-Improve efficiency and save time. All types of oil well data are concentrated in one software product.

Modern interfaces. Interactive interface with multiple graphical aids.

-The connection with disciplines other than traditional petrology. Tools for utilizing geological, geophysical, and fluid dynamics data.

Uncertainty analysis. Improve the quality of solutions by maximizing the utilization of all data and processing uncertainties in calculations.

Scalability. A powerful tool for integrating new methods into programs.

Product:Schlumberger Techlog 2023.2