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Static Equipment Generator v5.4

Static Equipment Generator v5.4
Static Equipment Generator cracked version is a leading pressure vessel modeling software! Providing leading functions and technologies, aiming to help users complete the required modeling operations and detailed models, drawing creation, layout, production lists, material details, etc. in a shorter time, more accurately and quickly obtaining the manufacturing drawings you need, improving productivity, and strong automation functions, supporting a wide range of container designs and configurations, including horizontal, inclined, and vertical containers, Multiple shells with different diameters and concentric or eccentric transition segments. Provide various supports, including saddles, skirts, lifting lugs, and legs. Columns of multi section shells with different diameters and transition cross-sections. Container with half tube jacket and coil casing. S supports multiple attachment functions and configurations of internal components, including tray rings, baffles, deflectors, and other functions, external components, including lugs, clips, and vacuum rings, opening closing, manholes, mixers, and couplings, nozzles with tees, flanges, elbows, reinforcing pads, insertion pads, and other attachments and configurations. A feature based environment supports rapid configuration and detailing of static devices, which is more practical than traditional methods, saves a lot of cost and time, and achieves more accurate results!
Pressure Vessel Modeling & Configuration
3D Production Detailed Models
Layout and Fabrication Drawings
Production List and Bill of Material
Links to Intergraph PV Elite Access file.
Fast and Accurate Fabrication Drawings
BOM Export

Rapid Modeling and Detailing
Feature based environment enables the rapid configuration and detailing of static equipment automating the generation of:

3D detailed geometry models
Nozzle, Coupling, Pipe, Flange and fitting list.
Nozzle and coupling openings.
Sheet Metal flat pattern for all plates.
Wide range for supports (Saddle, Skirt, Leg, Lug, Cradle etc.)
Elevation, fabrication, and assembly drawings
Production component lists, and purchased bill of material
End cuts for nozzles and legs.
Cost Report.

SEG® supports different standards

Flanges according to ASME B16.5
Flanges according to ASME B16.47 A/B
Flanges according to BSEN1092‐1 2007.
Couplings according to ANSI B16.11 AND BS3799.
Product:Static Equipment Generator v5.4