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Schlumberger IAM 2023.1_IAM field development planning and operations software

Schlumberger IAM 2023.1

IAM field development planning and operations software provides a flexible simulation framework for asset-level decision making that integrates reservoir, production, process, and economics domain models. This total system model approach enables you to run a variety of integrated simulation models, delivering numerous benefits such as a united understanding of subsurface and surface, improved forecast accuracy, accurate capex prediction, and optimized operational efficiencies.

Enable critical, asset-level decisions through a total system model

A single production simulation environment integrates all asset details contained in the individual simulation models of the reservoir, wells, surface infrastructure, and process facilities. The simulation environment enables the implementation of logical connections, constraints, and optimization routines so the value of multiple operational, tactical, and strategic scenarios can be studied, compared, and optimized. With this total system model approach, more opportunities exist for collaboration between surface and subsurface teams, which helps align them to common planning and operations goals over the lifetime of the field.

Product:Schlumberger IAM 2023.1_IAM field development planning and operations software