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Schlumberger Oil Field Manager(OFM) 2012.1

With the OFM 2012.1 user interface, you can work more efficiently and get results faster. Building on extensive usability research, OFM 2012.1 features a new streamlined appearance similar to Microsoft Office 2010.
•A slick new ribbon provides easy access to your OFM functionality. In previous versions, commands for each analysis (such as plots or reports) were spread across four context menus (File, Edit, View, and Tools). In 2012, these commands are collected for efficiency under a single context ribbon tab and shown together when you are working on any analysis.
•You have two new ways to create your analyses from the new ribbon. There is a visual gallery of pre-set format template thumbnails for you to select from so that you can more quickly build new analyses. There is also a searchable catalog of templates completely set up for each type of analysis-format and variables predefined for you. You simply add an analysis from the catalog with a single click and you are ready to view data instantly. This is made possible by the introduction of a common data dictionary that maps to your specific project variables and allows you to share your analysis templates with any other OFM user or project.
•A quick access toolbar at the top of your ribbon provides you with a common location for adding your own favorite and quick-to-access OFM commands.
• A ribbon backstage page collects all OFM\’s print options—which were located in
several separate dialogs in previous versions of OFM—into a single screen for
setting options and printing analyses faster.
The ease and speed with which you can perform familiar tasks in OFM 2012.1 is further enhanced by other step changes in usability and functionality. For example, in previous version setting up and editing variable properties was time-consuming and involved multiple windows, tabs, and mouse clicks. In OFM 2012, all variables and all variable properties are available at a glance on the Variable Manager, so that you can perform tasks like changing the same property for multiple variables at the same time with a single click.
Finally, for OFM users working with other SIS production products like the multiphase flow simulator product called PIPESIM, you will notice the same ribbon layout look and feel and the same way of visualizing your data, for a consistent user experience regardless of the production product you\’re using.
Gallery of Pre-Formatted Layouts
You can use the new gallery of pre-formatted layouts to quickly create attractive and useful plots, forecasts, reports, grid maps, contour maps, bubble maps, and scatter plots. All you need to do is add your variables!
Catalog of Analyses Items
OFM 2012.1 comes with a catalog of standard analyses
Product:Schlumberger Oil Field Manager(OFM) 2012.1
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