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Landmark Engineer\'s Desktop(EDT) 5000.1.9.2

Landmark\’s WELLPLAN™ Suite is a comprehensive set of integrated well engineering analysis software.
WELLPLAN, a component of Landmark’s Engineer\’s Desktop™, gives drilling and completions engineers a comprehensive set of engineering tools for analysis, well planning, modeling, and well operations optimization. Technology offered in the WELLPLAN Suite functions as an integrated system and includes built-in links to Landmark\’s well data management software.

The WELLPLAN Suite is deployed on Landmark\’s Engineer\’s Data Model™ (EDM), the platform for a fully integrated suite of well engineering and data analysis products. EDM provides one-time data entry, a system to promote best practices, and an environment for managing and accessing operational knowledge and lessons learned.

Powerful engineering environment
WELLPLAN software’s complete suite of seamlessly integrated modules addresses data collection, analysis, well planning, and modeling, creating a powerful workstation for the engineer.

Optimized workflows
\”Plug and play\” compatibility across the WELLPLAN Suite and with other EDM applications enables comprehensive engineering workflows from a single application. The result is an optimized engineering environment and enhanced efficiency.

Rapid engineering studies via OpenWells data access
Integration with Landmark\’s OpenWells rig site data collection and reporting system enables engineers to directly create a WELLPLAN case, automatically populate the case with pertinent field and rig data, then use that information to rapidly undertake engineering studies.

Increased productivity and efficiency
Uses sophisticated tools to improve well designs, prevent stuck pipe and BHA failures, reduce drilling problems, and drill the right wells at reduced cost and time with increased safety.

Integration with other EDM applications
Provides common data navigation with other EDM applications using the Well Explorer. EDM enables sharing of directional profiles with wells created in COMPASS™. In addition, casing strings created in the StressCheck™ casing design application can be analyzed using WELLPLAN.

Standalone or multi-user environment
Operates in a standalone or in a fully concurrent multi-user network environment with powerful user management and data locking features. Built to scale from a single user application to a corporate engineering system.

Create Case from OpenWells
Quickly populate a WELLPLAN case with operational data entered into OpenWells. Enables a quick analysis of daily operations by eliminating the time required to gather this information. All pertinent data is at your fingertips.

Wallplot Composer
Create large scale engineering plots using the Wallplot Composer. Predefined templates for every module are available for immediate use right out of the box. Templates can be customized or new templates can be created. Every plot and data box for all modules are available for inclusion in a wallplot. Detailed BHA and hole section schematics are also available for inclusion in wallplots.

New reporting engine, based on Crystal Reports, generates colorful, professional, reports. The reports can now be saved in various formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, XML, RTF and RPT. In addition, reports can be e-mailed directly from the report viewer in any of the above formats using your e-mail client.

Enhanced graphics
Colorful, detailed BHA and hole schematic diagrams are now available with numerous viewing options. These include, deviated/non-deviated and to scale/not to scale. Custom labeling and viewing options are also available. Animation plots have also been updated with high definition graphics. Visual, drag and drop BHA creation is also available. Users can quickly generate detailed BHA schematics without entering data into the spreadsheet. Schematics can be exported to the clipboard for use in other applications.

Additional utility features
A Data Dictionary feature has been added to allow users to customize tool tips and labels for data entry fields. A Unit Converter is provided to allow the user to enter data in any unit of choice, regardless of the current unit system being used. The MD/TVD utility allows for quick MD or TVD interpolation for data entry.

Enhanced library
The user can save BHA assemblies and fluids to a library. These items are then available for use in any WELLPLAN™ case. This eliminates the need to re-enter complex BHA\’s. In addition, the library can be exported to and imported from another EDM database. These libraries are shared with OPENWELLS. BHA\’s entered in the daily operations report can be stored in the library.

System, Module, and User Defined workspaces are now stored in the database so they are readily available to all users.

Catalogs (API RP 7G Tables) speed data entry. Catalogs have been added for mud pumps, bits, casing shoes, port-collars, diverter subs, hole openers and underreamers. User defined catalogs can be exported and imported for use in other EDM databases.
Product:Landmark Engineer\’s Desktop(EDT) 5000.1.9.2