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DNV Synergi Plant RBI Onshore v5.6.0.26

DNV Synergi Plant RBI Onshore v5.6.0.26

Risk-based inspection is now well established and extensively used in process industries for assessing equipment risks and planning inspections. Synergi Plant has multiple RBI modules: onshore plant, storage tank, offshore topside, and power plant RBI with embedded industry standards and configurability.

Key benefits

– Identify critical equipment, reduce risk exposure and improve plant reliability.

– Optimize inspection intervals and methods without compromising asset safety and integrity.

– Systematic and evidence based process and technical evidence for extending periodic maintenance period and asset life.

– Flexible implementation of RBI projects with or without enterprise integrity management systems.

– Flexible assessment of process risks, including qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative analysis.

– Follow standard RBI methodologies or user-defined bespoke methods.


– Includes methods for qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative RBI.

– Flexible workflow to support different levels of data readiness.

– Detail calculation in quantitative modules for probability of failure, consequence of failure.

– Calculation available for financial risk, cost benefits and optimization.

– Supports wide range of damage mechanisms with damage identification.

– Produces optimized risk-based inspection plan.

– Comprehensive and expandable construction materials and fluid chemical database.

– Works with Synergi Plant asset, inspection and integrity management modules in one database.

– Works with Synergi Plant web platform to support web-based RBI data input, result sharing and KPI graphics.

– Allows you to independently perform offline RBI studies or implement integrity management by phases.

– User-friendly features, including grid editing, easy data export/import, reports with drill-in, etc.

– Multi-language capability, including English, Chinese, French, etc.

Multiple RBI solutions

– RBI Onshore is based on API 580/581, mainly used for onshore process plant RBI projects.

– RBI Offshore is based on DNVGL-RP-G101, mainly used for offshore topside RBI projects.

– RBI Power Plant is a specific variance for the power industry.

– RBI AST for detailed RBI of multi-course atmospheric storage tanks that are part of a process plant, storage tank farm or terminal.

– RBI Bespoke is for consultants and end users to configure their own RBI methodologies.

Product:DNV Synergi Plant RBI Onshore v5.6.0.26