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Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.8

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.8

Xpedition Powerful software for designing printed circuit boards or PCBsIs. This program will be with you with all the necessary features for PCB design from the initial stages of design to the final production, and due to these various capabilities and technologies that it uses, it reduces the design time cycle by up to 50% of the usual state and increases The final quality of the product and a significant reduction in resources.

Using Xpedition, you can easily evaluate your design after completion and ensure its accuracy, you can simulate the designed board to see its performance before implementation in the real world. Xpedition allows you to easily design the most complex and delicate printed circuit boards. This program is a product of Mentor Graphics Company and is a comprehensive product in the field of printed circuit fiber design. Electrical and electronics engineers can use the unique capabilities of this product for their projects.

Features and specifications of Xpedition software:

  •  Automatic data design and management to reduce design time as well as reduce errors caused by manual data management
  • Circuit prototypes to avoid the extra cost of physical prototypes
  • High quality design for both electrical, thermal and electromechanical parts
  • Reduce the design cycle from 30 to 60%
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Has RF modules to combine with PCD
  • Follow multiple routes simultaneously
  • Ability to create multiple separate configurations for different products from a single database
  • Review the plan based on the set rules and frameworks
  • Apply specific rules to several points of the scheme

product:Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.8