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Gemcom Surpac v6.3

Gemcom Surpac v6.3
Surpac 6.3 delivers in the areas of Solids validation, Pit Design, Block Modelling, more efficient CAD, and support of third party file formats.

The release is available free of charge as part of your Update Service and Technical Support (USTS) subscription.
Quicker, More Robust Solids/Surfaces Repair

Solids validation and error correction has undergone a dramatic change for Surpac 6.3. New solids/surface repair functionality reduces solids validation time from days to minutes.

New solids repair panel makes it easy to visualise problem areas with a Solid/Surface via two-sided lighting, transparency, automatic animation, zooming and clipping.
Validation errors highlighted include: invalid edges, disconnected trisolations, intersecting triangles, reverse triangles and hole.
Autocorrect attempts to repair invalid solids with one mouse click, while manual solids repair allows more detailed examination.
Validation report captures the type and number of errors included in the original solid.

Faster Block Modelling

Performance improvement of approximately 15% for all estimation methods, with inverse distance estimation up to 100 times faster.
Drag and drop non-rotated Vulcan block models into the graphics workspace.
New pivot table-friendly reports.
Now able to generate multiple percentage reports.

Pit and Dump Design Enhancements

The algorithms for string expansion and contraction have been improved and are much more robust to overcome common issues with spikes and crossovers.

Numerous auto-generation methods allow users to design multiple benches with minimal interaction, enabling rapid scenario generation.
Slope angle and berm width properties for pit design can be obtained from the block model for designs that are more sensitive to rock type changes.

More Efficient CAD Import

Import AutoCAD® and MicroStation® files.
More efficient CAD import for AutoCAD ®and MicroStation® files.
Save multiple Surpac graphics layers in a single command.
Improved digitising functions to allow the change of snap mode while using a function.


Increased spatial awareness when zooming via a new 2D dynamic grid.
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