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Pythagoras CAD_GIS 2023

Pythagoras CAD_GIS 2023
Today, many special programs are available for surveyors to use. For beginners, the question often starts with which program? You must understand that you will never find the "perfect" program. You can find phrases like 'I only work in Geonics, Credo, AutoCAD' on the internet, but this is just a personal opinion. Each plan has a series of tasks. What is suitable for cadastral engineers is a waste for surveyors or those working on construction sites.

Therefore, let's define a task for Python CAD:

-Beginner. If you have never used geodetic software before, Python CAD is very suitable for your learning because it is very easy to use and has detailed instructions. Python CAD solves almost all typical problems in the field of geodesy.

List. This is quite bad because it does not support the basic description format for the list area (for Ukraine, this is IN4 format and new XML). For cadastral registration, I suggest that you master the Digitals program.

-Topographer. good It allows you to quickly draw signed topographic maps, draw horizontal lines, etc. However, many organizations have standards for drawing topographic maps in specific programs. For example, in my work, I save all site plans, sketches, and working drawings in Python CAD, and when delivering objects, I must convert them to enterprise standards (AutoCAD based software)

Building surveyor. This is an ideal choice as it allows you to maintain a geodetic map of the object using all data (schematic, import master plan, build execution diagram, etc.).

-For mineologists Due to the unique nature of the job, it is definitely not suitable.
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