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TopoDOT 2023.2.2_Point Cloud Processing Solution

TopoDOT 2023.2.2
TopoDOT is a comprehensive solution to manage point cloud data, assess data quality and extract topographies, models, analyses and other forms of digital twins. Geospatial data acquired along road, rail, utility and other land survey applications present unique processing challenges. The TopoDOT production process is designed to meet these challenges with the right balance between automation and quality, thereby ensuring complex project requirements are met at the lowest possible cost.


TopoDOT realizes the inherent value of point cloud data acquired along road and highway transportation corridors. Intuitive yet highly automated tools extract complex features quickly and accurately. A quality-controlled process delivers topography models, 3D structural models, GIS asset data and other digital twins meeting project requirements where and when they are needed.


TopoDOT includes highly automated tools to extract features unique to rail. Individual rails, ballast topography, catenary, tower and other assets extracted quickly. Each process yields the highest quality extraction with quality assurance validation. TopoDOT's quality-controlled process yields rail corridor topography models, 3D structural models, GIS asset data and other digital twins.

Structural Modeling

From topography contours to highly detailed models of any structure, TopoDOT offers highly productive tools and workflows for 3D model extraction. The synergy of hundreds of TopoDOT feature extraction tools operating on a mature and powerful CAD engine offer unrivaled performance.

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