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Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2

Techlog Interactive Suite brings wellbore-centric, cross-domain, workflows to petrophysics (core & log), geology, geophysics, drilling, reservoir and production engineering. Techlog software offers a tightly integrated environment to process your wellbore data and deliver results.

Techlog 2011.2 is the result of continued development to extend the depth and breadth of the wellbore software. Advancements in visualization and plotting capability power an improved end-user experience.

Techlog 2011.2 is a full release containing two new modules and enhancements to existing modules.
Key components of this release

New modules

Wellbore Stability (Wbs)


Allows transformation of geographical coordinates to a projected system and changes to coordinate reference systems
Enables creation of ‘markers’ from the tops and bottoms of zones
Supports the existence of multiple, concurrent, real-time sessions

New features in existing modules

Wellbore Imaging (Wbi)—processing wizard, thresholding image data, Luthi-Souhaite fracture aperture computation, and structural dip analysis
Thin Bed Analysis (TBA)—interface for low resistivity pay module
Environmental Corrections (ECs)—increased coverage
Formation Pressure (FPress)—enhanced pressure data load, auto QC, enhanced plotting, and new mobility computations
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)—new density magnetic resonance porosity computations
product:Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2