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Schlumberger IAM 2017.1

Schlumberger IAM 2017.1

Enable critical, asset-level decisions through a total system model

A single production simulation environment integrates all asset details contained in the individual simulation models of the reservoir, wells, surface infrastructure, and process facilities. The simulation environment enables the implementation of logical connections, constraints, and optimization routines so the value of multiple operational, tactical, and strategic scenarios can be studied, compared, and optimized. With this total system model approach, more opportunities exist for collaboration between surface and subsurface teams, which helps align them to common planning and operations goals over the lifetime of the field.

IAM software enables surface and subsurface teams to simulate various operational, tactical, and strategic scenarios.

Solve your asset-specific challenges

IAM software offers the flexibility to couple any combination of models into one fully integrated asset model while preserving the fidelity of individual detailed models. From production forecasting for reservoirs, wells, and networks to complex optimization problem-solving based on field constraints, IAM software enables you to solve a range of complex technical challenges.

    Achieve more accurate forecasts by accounting for the interactions of subsurface deliverability with surface infrastructure and operational constraints.

    Model compositional blending, mixing, and injection of multiple producing zones and reservoirs to meet product specifications.

    Optimize the use of artificial lift, EOR, and improved oil recovery (IOR) injection.

    Maximize reservoir recovery and defer abandonment.

    Plan gas storage operations by predicting deliverability and optimizing compression design.

    Control crossflow between sands using optimized inlet control valves in complex wells.

Improve results through coupling of best-in-class simulation tools

The open framework of IAM software enables the coupling of a wide number of simulation software applications including

    Reservoir simulation models

        ECLIPSE industry-reference simulator for black-oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline reservoir simulation

        INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator that goes beyond the capabilities offered by conventional simulators

        MBX material balance tank model for fast and simple reservoir modeling

        IMEX reservoir simulator tool from Computer Modeling Group

        MBAL material balance simulator from Petroleum Experts

    Multiphase flow simulation models

        PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator

        OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator

        GAP multiphase oil and gas software from Petroleum Experts

    Process and facilities simulation models

        HYSYS from AspenTech

        Petro-Sim from KBC Advanced Technologies

        UniSim process modeling tool from Honeywell

    Economics domain models

        Merak Peep for full economics, portfolio, and reserves management

In addition, IAM software has an OPC DA model adapter for real-time connection for digital oil field workflows. Third-party software integration is supported for Microsoft Excel and other engineering packages for reservoir, well, and surface simulations.

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