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Encom ModelVision v10

Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s Encom
PA version 10.0 is the latest release in the
advanced visualisation and interpretation
product that makes it even easier for
geoscientists to explore, interpret and
realise data and models of the Earth.
Encom PA v10.0 is overfowing with an
array of features and improvements that
are designed to make it easier to access,
manipulate and visualise your data in
profles, sections, 2D maps and 3D displays.
Encom PA provides a tool that is
suited to interactive interpretation
and consistent presentation of
the outputs from all software
applications. The dynamics,
interaction and ease-of-use make
this an essential tool to ensure
the delivery of the best outcomes
for your project.
Database Maintenance
Encom PA now provides more utilities for
editing databases. These utilities include
the ability to create a subset Geosoft
database from the original database; merge
multiple Geosoft databases into one; and clip
survey lines in a database using not only a
rectangular area, but also an input polygonal
region from a 2D vector fle (e.g. MapInfo .TAB
or ESRI .SHP fle) or a feature database.
Product:Encom ModelVision v10
Size:89 MB