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Windows 8 compatibility

– New \”Check for Updates\” option. With our aim of keeping our customers better
informed of our developments we have implemented a \”Check for Updates\” option
in the Help menu which will automatically check for any new versions of the
software available to download.

Data Processing and Management:

New GM Anomaly Toolkit for advanced potential field data processing
Pitney Bowes Software is pleased to be partnered with the CSIRO (Commonwealth
Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in order to provide The GM
Anomaly Toolkit. This is a collection of utilities designed to isolate and analyse discrete
variations in gridded data— generally gravity or magnetic data. These variations,
referred to as anomalies, are generally ascribed to single geological sources, and the
objective of isolating them from other field variations is to estimate some property of those
geological sources—such as their depth.

New range of options within the Line Utility

These include:

– The Clip a database to the area within a polygon(s) or rectangle option in the
Line Utility now supports inverse clipping thereby allowing data located
outside of a specified region (by input vector file or rectangle) to be retained.

– Recompute\”Chordlength\” field in a line database.

– New Fill Nulls option in the Line Utility will replace null values within a database
and the results of this are written back into the same database as a new field
with a name specified by the user.

Data Display Improvements:
– New projection button for Map 1 level of workspace tree

– GridFilter – ZS Interpretation Filters now allows the computed RTP grid to be
exported with the other output grids.

3D Improvements:

– 3D Television Support – With support for 3D Televisions and Monitors, your
project and management teams can now visualise and fully appreciate your
interpretations, models and complex projects in stunning and captivating
full 3D (via HDMI graphics output).

– Export an isosurface of a voxel model to a located image (.EGB ) file for more
effective 3D displays.
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