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Encom ModelVision v13.0

Encom ModelVision v13.0
Pitney Bowes has announced the availability of the 2013 edition of the ModelVision software, designed for geophysicists wishing to model (magnetics and gravity) exploration data. This release is the result of the continued joint-venture agreement between Pitney Bowes Software and Tensor Research Pty Ltd, to undertake the future development of ModelVision and provide advanced technical support, sales and training.

In the 2013 edition of the leading edge field modelling software, ModelVision introduces some powerful enhancements to the benchmark modelling application of previous versions. ModelVision focuses on making it easier to work with imported data, cross-section views and exporting modelled data. Some new tools for modelling remanence, joint inversion and free-air gravity modelling also make this version an essential package for all dedicated potential field modelling geoscientists.

The investigation of magnetic remanence with ModelVision has been further improved with the inclusion of departure angles (between induced, remanent and resultant magnetization vectors) in the body properties dialog. The functionality of the dialog has been further improved with the addition of a Remanence checkbox in the lower right corner that allows the computation and inversion for remanence to be activated from the NRM tab.

The ability to perform multi-line joint inversion constrained to the line direction allows the user to do complex multi-segment model inversion more easily, asthis mode allows bodies to be constrained to move only along the line of data collection. In this mode, you can analyse changes in susceptibility along strike. This release includes a popular request for the automatic display of data immediately following the import process. In the case of line data, the line statistics summary will appear immediately after loading followed by a request to nominate a channel that will appear in a stacked profile map. Alternatively if a grid is imported, a pseudo-colour image will be generated upon import.

The multi-window tiling and scaling options in the ModelVision interface makes it much easier to work with multiple views when doing complex multi-line 3D modelling. The new features allow you more control over window tiling and placement and also improves productivity and data comparison across windows.
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