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Korf 3.1

Korf Hydraulics is a user friendly program for calculating flow rates and pressures in pipes and piping networks. It is extremely flexible in what you can specify, with the program solving the unknown flows, pressures and sizes.

Korf Hydraulics is equally well suited for applications ranging from a single pipe to complex networks where the flow rate in all or part of the network is unknown.

Korf Hydraulics is used by many engineering companies, including Reliance, PCS, Foster Wheeler, WorleyParsons, Linde, Colt, SNC Lavalin, Ambitech, Quotient, KPI, Kensington, IQA, Effective Project, Boeing, Opus, Amec, Terasen, Triad, Bectel, Stepan, Propak as well as smaller contracting companies and individuals
Product:Korf 3.1