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Encom ModelVision V11.00.08

Encom ModelVision is the most advanced 3D magnetic and gravity modelling tool in its class. It is used all over the world in mineral exploration, geological surveys, petroleum exploration, engineering and environmental geophysics.

A Total Modelling Approach
Magnetic and gravity geophysical methods are applicable to solving problems in a wide range of disciplines including mineral exploration for base metals, gold and iron ore, diamond exploration, coal hazard assessment, environmental, engineering and unexploded ordinance. Every problem is different in some way and Encom ModelVision has the versatile tools that you need to solve these problems.

Leading Edge Technology
Encom\’s research team is continually responding to industry challenges to provide new features and integration with other industry software products.

More Than Modelling
ModelVision provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to analyse and isolate the data you need to study. It comes with a wide range of import and export formats, utilities for gridding, filtering and numerical manipulation.


bridge the gap between automated depth methods and interactive modelling
parametric shapes and manually drawn models
compute all field components and gradients
1D, 2D, 3D visualisation of data and models
edit models in map and section views
2D interactive regional with 1D option
forward and inverse modelling of bodies and any data channel
1D, 2D convolution and FFT filter suite
line and grid calculator
drillhole and full airborne survey simulators
Optional Extensions
Encom AutoMag is an optional extension for ModelVision for rapid magnetic depth-to-basement source estimation and fast processing of large surveys. AutoMag uses the full precision of original line data to increase the data accuracy of the inversion. ModelVision provides an interactive environment for quality control, editing and verification of the solutions.

UBC-GIF GRAV3D & MAG3D Interface
Use ModelVision to create the UBC mesh density and magnetic susceptibility property distribution and physical property constraints. The variable density mesh can be tested at low resolution to avoid losing time on simple mistakes. Use ModelVision to prepare the data, regional terrain and control files. This makes UBC inversion easy.
Product:Encom ModelVision V11.00.08