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Encom EM Vision 3.3

Encom develops GIS and geophysical software applications, provides advanced consulting services and operates the GPinfo petroleum tenement exploration information service.

Encom was founded in 1984 by David Pratt and Ian Grierson. During the early 1980s most exploration software required large and expensive mainframe computers to operate. Dave and Ian recognised that the evolving field of personal computing would have an increasing effect on the way people work.

Their first goal for Encom was to develop a range of exploration software programs which would run on less expensive microcomputers. During the 1980s, the business expanded from this original focus to encompass geophysical consulting and data services.

In 2006, following a merger with Perth company Meridian GIS, Encom\’s geospatial software applications were integrated with the Compass Enterprise geospatial data management solution enabling provision of experienced GIS and data management services.

With a network of over 60 resellers worldwide and GIS customers in 100 countries, Encom is now a leading innovator and major supplier of specialist software, data and services to the petroleum and mineral exploration industries in Australia and many other parts of the world. Encom employs more than 40 people in offices in Sydney, Gosford, Melbourne, Perth and London.

In December 2007, Encom was acquired by the Pitney Bowes group of companies.
Product:Encom EM Vision 3.3
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