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Synopsys Seismos 2009.03 Linux

Seismos, a transistor-level design product, is the first in the EDA market to analyze stress and well proximity effects in circuit-level designs in nanometer technologies. The Seismos model originates from TCAD simulations and is validated by silicon data, but the solution primarily aids circuit designers.


  • Enable circuit designers to simulate and optimize the layout dependency of silicon stress effects on device characteristics and circuit performance
  • Handle a wide range of design sizes from a few transistors to multimillions of transistors with high performance and memory efficiency
  • Annotate the stress effects back to the SPICE netlist for circuit simulations
  • Readily integrate into third-party design flows
  • Provide a GUI mode for data visualization and real-time what-if analysis in a layout environment
  • Quickly identify complex structures for further analysis in field solvers
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing design flows

product:Synopsys Seismos 2009.03 Linux