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Synopsys Paramos 2009.03 SP2

Synopsys Paramos 2009.03 SP2 is a process dependent Spice Model extraction tool specifically designed to extract process dependent Spice model parameters for detailed analysis of circuits with process variations. The graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to develop an extraction strategy, run extraction, and load Spice model card data into PCM Studio for visualization of extraction results.

Key Features:

  • Provides process-related SPICE parameters for detailed analysis of circuits with process variations; thereby closing the design for manufacturing gap
  • Creates self-consistent process-dependent compact SPICE models with the actual process parameter variations as explicit variables
  • Enables designers to comprehend the impact of manufacturing issues on design
  • Allows designers to simulate the impact of process variability (statistical or systematic) on circuit performance for design margin improvement or parametric yield sensitivity analysis
  • Allows process engineers to perform design-specific process centering.

product:Synopsys Paramos 2009.03 SP2