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Synopsys Hspice 2017.12

Synopsys Hspice 2017.12
Synopsys Hspice is the industry s gold standard for accurate circuit simulation and offers foundry-certified MOS device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With over 25 years of successful design tapeouts, HSPICE is the industry s most trusted and comprehensive circuit simulator.
Design Challenges
As IC geometries continue to shrink, the need for an accurate circuit simulator is critical. Designers require a highly accurate circuit simulator to precisely predict the timing, power consumption, functionality, and yield of their designs. As board and package speeds increase, designers need to employ increasingly accurate signal integrity analysis.

Gold standard for accurate circuit simulation.
Extensive model support of the most accurate and expansive set of industry-standard and proprietary simulation models.
HSPICE Just Got Faster Again! Synopsys has made HSPICE a performance leader.
Run post-layout simulations up to 3X faster on 1 core processors and up to 6X faster on 4 core processors with 2008.03 HSPICE
Significant speed up for cell characterization applications, large extracted netlists, signal integrity, and 65 nm designs.
Design for Yield – Process Variability and Device Reliability Simulation
Process & Interconnect Variation ?Models both device and interconnect variation
Variation Block – powerful and flexible mechanism for defining process variation effects.
AC & DCMatch – efficient statistical simulation for local parameter mismatch effects.
Smart Monte Carlo – all-purpose statistical simulation that runs several times faster than tradition Monte Carlo techniques.
MOSRA device reliability analysis ?simulate HCI and NBTI device aging effects
Board and Package Design Integrity Analysis
Enhanced W-elements and S-parameters to model signal integrity issues and support SI Analysis.
Support for massive 500 port S-parameters
RF and High Speed Simulation
Best RF Simulator for PLL and VCO applications
Most Accurate RF Simulator
Fastest RF Simulator
High Capacity RF Simulator, 10000+ transistors with both Harmonic Balance and Shooting Newton algorithms
Comprehensive solution simulates low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters, AGC circuits, oscillators, mixers, multipliers, modulators, demodulators, and VCOs.
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