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Gemcom Surpac Xplorpac 6.1.2

Surpac can be configured to suit your individual needs, whether you are in exploration, planning or production. The Surpac Xplorpac Edition has been pre-configured to include commoon tools for 3-D visualisation and modelling tools for integrating and presenting geological information. With Xplorpac, users experience ease of management for drillhole data, surface samples, geochemistry and geophysical information. Using open database technology, Xplorpac allows users to connect to an existing database or create a new one.

Output Display Options

Xplorpac offers a fully integrated 3-D graphics window with multiple layer control and view ports. Standard data display options include contouring, colour shading, plan view maps and cross-sections at any orientation. Xplorpac has an AutoPlot function, a full range of custom plotting tools and can generate graphical core log reports, maps and sections in professional hard copy. Users may include geological symbols, legends, title blocks and corporate logos. Xplorpac allows presentation of valuable exploration data, including 3-D image capture, aerial photograph draping and animated flyovers. Users can also transfer images with ease to other packages for web site publishing or slide show presentations.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Xplorpac comes with a full range of analytical and modelling tools including digital terrain modelling (DTM) for constructing physical surfaces such as topography, faults or geologic contacts. Surfaces may be contoured, colour shaded and sliced in any orientation. Grid modelling and interpolation options can be used for normalising data distribution. A geologist may gain greater perspective by draping a geochemical signature over a surface DTM. Viewing drillhole data for the entire trace of a hole is a core function of the 3-D visualisation window. The user controls which important fields to display, such as lithology, alteration or assay results. Solid modelling (or wireframing) is a powerful way to define the ore zone’s 3-D spatial extent and the way it interacts with other objects. Xplorpac goes the extra step by including several volume calculation tools, such as a polygonal reserves method, volumes between surfaces and within defined areas.


Xplorpac accepts data in many formats, including the ability to link into existing Microsoft Access, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases (and other ODBC compliant types) so that visualisation can begin immediately. Files from MapInfo, MicroStation and AutoCAD are also supported. Database management tools allow the user to create and delete databases, load and unload text data and check the integrity of the data in a database. A variety of interactive drillhole functions allow the user to extract data for visualisation and plotting. The interactive compositing functions allow the user to display, edit and report composited values for multiple intervals down a number of drillholes. Multiple plans and sections can easily be extracted for viewing and plotting. Statistical and mathematical functions can be performed on nominated fields and a number of automated reporting functions are included

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