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Gemcom Minex v6.2.1318

Gemcom Minex v6.2.1318
emcom Minex 6.0 is the only integrated end-to-end solution dedicated to
stratified deposits. Minex 6.0 seamlessly links key processes including geology,
optimisation, interactive scheduling and rehabilitation to improve productivity
and profitability through the mining life cycle. This version incorporates more
than 20 new features and many enhancements requested by our users.
Open Pit Scheduling
Detailed Interactive Scheduling – Create schedules by interacting with
rich 3-D graphic displays generated directly from Minex seam models, pit
designs and reserves.
Greater flexibility in the monitoring of schedules using “live” current period
and historical charts and tables.
Visually monitor waste and ore extraction information as a schedule
progresses to improve decision making and to save time by finding and
resolving potential problems early in the scheduling process.
“Play” any saved schedule to visualise it graphically. This is an effective
way to communicate plans to management and mine operators, providing
easy-to-understand visual validation.
Easily perform multiple ‘what-ifs’ by choosing a point in an existing schedule
to create a branch where you can test an alternative scenario.
Enhanced schedule reporting includes flexible and detailed reports that
can be exported directly into Microsoft
Borehole Database and Seam Modelling
New tool to create special “control” boreholes from existing holes gives you
more influence over seam trends during the modelling process, particularly
in areas where data is sparse, such as the extents of the deposit.
Create legends showing the relationship between the lithology symbols
used in borehole displays and their full name.
Seam grid arithmetic now allows the computation of negative seam
thickness grids.
General Enhancements
Update existing plans quickly with new drafting plot editing tools which
provide the ability to interactively edit current or saved plots.
Customise, create and edit the title blocks used in the plot creation
Read and write to the latest AutoCAD
file formats.
Improved accuracy of triangle “patch and cut” and “edit” op
product:Gemcom Minex v6.2.1318