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Gemcom Surpac v6.5.1

GEOVIA Surpac™ is the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects in more than 120 countries. The software delivers efficiency and accuracy through ease-of-use, powerful 3D graphics and workflow automation that can be aligned to company-specific processes and data flows.

Surpac addresses all the requirements of geologists, surveyors, and mining engineers in the resource sector and is flexible enough to be suitable for every commodity, orebody and mining method. Its multilingual capabilities allow global companies to support a common solution across their operations.

Surpac Benefits
Comprehensive tools include: drillhole data management, geological modelling, block modelling, geostatistics, mine design, mine planning, resource estimation, and more.
Increased efficiencies within teams result from better sharing of data, skills and project knowledge.
All tasks in Surpac can be automated and aligned to company-specific processes and data flows.
Software ease-of-use ensures staff develop an understanding of the system and of project data quickly.
Surpac is modular and easily customised.
Surpac reduces data duplication by connecting to relational databases and interfacing with common file formats from GIS, CAD and other systems.
Integrated production scheduling with GEOVIA MineSched™.
Multilingual support: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.
product:Gemcom Surpac v6.5.1