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Gemcom GEMS v6.3

The release of GEMS 6.3 provides
important improvements requested by
users, including solids and surfaces
triangle editing, more robust block
modelling capabilities, and enhanced
software stability. An updated Plotmaker,
version 3.1, also brings added value and
ease-of-use to your GEMS system. Below
are a few highlights from the release,
available free of charge as part of your
Update Service and Technical Support
(USTS) subscription.
Solids and Surfaces
Triangle Editing
Users can add and delete
individual triangles.
Invalid intersecting triangles can be
deleted after checking for solid or
surface errors.
Triangulation vertices can now be
edited by adjusting the easting,
northing, and elevation directly or
graphically in the 3D viewport.
New and Improved Block
Modelling Capabilities
Users can now update block models
from polygon data at the attribute,
folder, or workspace level.
Greater estimation accuracy and
validation can be achieved with
new optional “Nearest Neighbour”
block models which can be run
simultaneously with regular models.
An added capability to setup
Gemcom GEMS –
Collaborative geology and
mine planning supporting
cross-functional teams.
WhaT\’S NEW: Gemcom GEMS

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Disclaimer and copyrights
This document gives only a general description of products and
services and except where expressly provided otherwise shal not
form part of any contract. Changes may be made in products or
services at any time without notice. Copyright 2011, Gemcom
Software International Inc. Gemcom, the Gemcom logo,
combinations thereof and GEMS are trademarks of Gemcom
Software International Inc. Al other names are trademarks,
registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.
interpolations with a specified block
selection (BSO) file reduces the
number of steps when repeating
interpolation runs.
Enhanced trace block reporting now
includes values for true distance and
associated sample IDs.
Important Enhancements
and Updates
SQL filtering within the Data Editor
now enables users to create filters
on multiple tables for cleaner, more
refined views of data.
Greater overall software stability
reduces system crashes to ensure
maximum productivity.
Improved importing of drillhole data
is now available thanks to automatic
reconciliation of differing source and
destination drillhole lengths.
3D mouse support significantly
improves user productivity by enabling
simultaneous on-screen navigation
and editing.
2010 DXF and DWG file
formats are now supported.
Polyline Import and Export now
includes TAG values.
And much more…
added Value: PlotMaker 3.1
Bringing even greater value to your GEMS
software system is an updated version of
PlotMaker. In this version, users are able
to plot JPG, PNG, and TIF files in addition
to BMP files generated by the Plot
function in GEMS. Specific to viewport
functionality, the following improvements
have been made:
All grids in a viewport are now saved
– both active and inactive – for better
data control.
Viewport content can now be
successfully copied and pasted for
greater ease-of-use.
Scale and origin of the viewport can
be specified from within GEMS to
improve plotting capabilities.
A complete list of new features,
enhancements, and fixes is available
on the Gemcom Support website
The images above illustrate a succession of improved surface models resulting from the addition of triangles
that smooth edges for a more refined look.
New Solid and Surface menu functionality enables
users to add or delete individual triangles.
Product:Gemcom GEMS v6.3
Size:692 MB