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Gemcom Minex v6.1.2

Gemcom Minex™ is the only integrated, end-to-end mining software specifically designed for coal and other stratified deposits such as lignite, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore, and platinum. Fully integrating all aspects of mining from exploration through rehabilitation, Minex ensures that your resources are evaluated accurately and mined efficiently, improving your productivity and profitability throughout the mining lifecycle. Developed in partnership with the mining industry, the software is employed by the world’s largest mining companies.
The key to accurate geological modelling is effective interpretation. Minex uses all available data (i.e. geophysics, qualities, lithology, washability, and structural) to correlate and interpret the deposit.

A user configurable borehole database, with ODBC connectivity to the world’s leading corporate drillhole databases
Effective and efficient data validation and auditing
Fast and accurate Multi-Seam, Multi-Variable Modelling builds entire models, including seam floor, thickness, quality and other surfaces in minutes
On-screen deposit correlation
Missing data interpolation to maximise your data value across the entire deposit
Non-vertical holes to represent horizons at real locations, not the vertical-linear distance from the collar
Seam splitting and merging, washouts and shallow hole modelling
Complex model operations to determine strip or economic ratios for open pits
Contouring, sectioning, 3D borehole, statistics and histogram displays to maximize resource presentation to managers, mining engineers or investors
Generate sections, plans and reports on modeled attributes (e.g. ash, thickness or depth).
Detailed resource reporting, including editable run-time mathematical operations
Resource reporting to meet JORC, SAMREC or other stock exchange requirements

Minex Faulting advances the modelling process for deposits with complex faults. Minex interprets the faulted data and models it in its un-faulted state, thus facilitating modelling, understanding and interpretation of the deposit. Minex then re-faults the model to its current faulted position. Minex accurately models complex inclined or curved faults in normal or reverse environments.

Define faults with dip and fault throw or displacement
Generate fault blocks between faults and/or the limits of the deposit.
Model boreholes crossing faults accurately in 3D, across multiple fault blocks
Coal Washability

The Minex Coal Washability module models your complete wash curve so that yield, ash and other analyses can be modeled across the entire deposit.

Store and analyse size and density data in the Coal Washability database
Load both incremental and cumulative samples
Composite data for modelling, plotting and reporting by;
Cumulative size
Specific wash densities
Product ash targets
Report primary, secondary and tertiary product grades and yields.

The Coal Washability module also allows modelling of the wash data, allowing you to:

Compute product grade grids for coal production requirements
Use these grids in resourse and reserves reports to simulate plant processes by area or schedule time
Product:Gemcom Minex v6.1.2
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