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Landmark Geographix Discovery R5000.0.1


Streamlining Workflows from E to P
For plays and projects that require fast, cost effective analysis, GeoGraphix® provides the most capable, robust and reliable software available.

Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Assets
GeoGraphix software streamlines essential geoscience, engineering and economics workflows, increasing the productivity of your technical staff. Our flexible solutions deliver actionable results within budget and time constraints.

Completely Portable, Customizable Technology
GeoGraphix software enables you to tailor solutions to meet your IT requirements. Purchase only the packages you need, in the combinations you want. Modules are available in bundles that complement the most common workflows. Every product works on a laptop, at home, on site or in the office. Multiple users can concurrently access projects, providing unparalleled asset team collaboration.
Product:Landmark Geographix Discovery R5000.0.1