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Geographix Discovery 2012

GeoGraphix® Discovery™ Suite is a powerful Windows®- based geologic and geophysical interpretation system that combines industry-leading technologies supported by a common data and project architecture. It enables an individual geoscientist or the entire asset team to work more efficiently in a fully integrated and collaborative environment. The LMKR Discovery Suite provides unparalleled benefits across your company by reducing business risk and increasing asset team productivity while keeping IT costs in check
LMKR GeoGraphix offers numerous add-on and stand-alone modules that let you deploy leading-edge technologies developed to meet your specific needs that make geoscientists, engineers and asset teams more effective and efficient every day.

Select from our menu of comprehensive, powerful LMKR GeoGraphix modules.
Sophisticated project and data management

A true multi-user system where all members of the asset team can access the same project data
Set-up sub projects for more detailed work, without duplicating the data

Fast, easy-to-use geologic interpretation

Includes all tools required by the geologist for geologic interpretation
Raster or vector logs are easily correlated using Xsection™ software
Conduct quick area evaluations of production potential

Log analysis

Complete quick evaluations or more sophisticated multi-well petrophysical studies, utilizing Petrophysical Log Analysis Software (PRIZM™)

Integrated seismic interpretation

Develop regional or detailed 2-D or 3-D evaluations
Incorporate seismic analysis into your geologic evaluations for a more complete and accurate interpretation

Fast, accurate mapping

Develop detailed maps of even the most complex areas using one of the 10 proven algorithms

High-quality final presentation displays

Using the industry-standard ESRI technology as the native format, GeoGraphix GeoAtlas™ provides the power and flexible display options of CAD programs
Ensure you are working with the latest map data. Stream online map services directly into your project
Product:Geographix Discovery 2012