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Stoner Pipeline Simulator v9.9

SPS easily handles any combination of scenarios including control system analysis, equipment performance analysis or pressure flow capacity analysis with user-defined levels of complexity.

The SPS family includes a complete range of compatible simulation solutions from the planning desktop through operator training and qualification, and into online systems including leak detection and predictive simulation.

Using new technologies and innovative architectures, the SPS family can be deployed to meet the needs of engineering and operations, and to help your marketing department improve your bottom line. With the help of add-on modules, the SPS functionality grows as your needs expand.
Equipment and controls

SPS can simulate all of your existing equipment, including pipes, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors and station yard piping, regulators, valves, headers and heat exchangers, exactly as it is configured in the field. SPS can model your entire control system, sensors, PID controllers, relays and actuators. You can use the SPS idealized controls for more simplified simulations. SPS can model compressors simply, or in complete detail.

For centrifugal compressors, you can enter your performance data at a single speed, and SPS will apply fan laws to complete the performance map. You could also decide to specify the entire performance curve for the compressor and/or turbine driver, or simulate variable guide-vane compressors. For reciprocating compressors, you can use either simplified units or detailed compressors that consider pocket displacement and clearance ratios.

Simulation capacity

SPS provides a comprehensive selection of equations-of-state including BWRS, CNGA, AGA-8 and Peng-Robinson. AGA-8 allows you to specify your own gas properties, such as gas ownership, and tracks the mixing of these properties as flowing streams meet in the simulation. SPS also tracks gas composition throughout the pipeline network with proven accuracy.

As with equipment detail, you can select with level of thermal modeling that fits your study from a purely isothermal analysis to a fully transient radial heat transfer solution. SPS simulates the thermodynamic capacity of behavior of the gas and heat transfer to its surroundings. It also accounts for the heat capacity, the ability of up to four layers of the surroundings to store or release the transferred heat.
Application Development Language (ADL)

ADL is a powerful means of customizing that allows you to model compressor start-up and shut-down sequences, regulator setpoint changes and upset conditions. The sequence can be triggered by any hydraulic or pre-defined event, or you can interactively invoke it. You can also use ADL to write entire applications specific to your needs, such as economic models that determine business impact.
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