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Landmark EDM R5000.1.10.0

Landmark EDM R5000.1.10.0
he number and complexity of wells being drilled and volume of data each well generates continues to grow. ​Drilling and completions operations have become more and more data intensive. E&P companies need to be able to manage this flood of data and use it to drive critical engineering decisions. Landmark\’s Engineers Data Model (EDM™) platform is the industry\’s most comprehensive and proven well data management solution.

It provides a single platform for detailed operations and engineering workflows that can manage the broadest range of well data in one database, complete with robust data management tools and enterprise-grade security. It enables E&P companies to take control of their well data, and through deep integration with the industry\’s broadest portfolio of well engineering solutions, drive better well construction decisions.
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Work with the industry standard

Proven with hundreds of operators for over 10 years, Landmark\’s Engineer\’s Data Model is the industry standard and the most comprehensive drilling data management solution in the market today.
Capture information once and use it everywhere

Engineers can realize valuable productivity gains during the well-planning process through efficient and naturally integrated workflows. EDM software technology provides a single data entry point for common information across drilling applications, allowing engineers to move from application to application during their workflow and to access the same data set.
Secure your data

The EDM platform provides a common menu structure and options, along with single-user login to enforce a common security model, ensuring that engineers always have the right access to the right data. EDM database security can enforce user access to data, while application security enables administrators to control which actions are available to different users and groups.
Take control of units

The EDM platform provides a common unit management system to store numeric data to a consistent data set. Use standard or custom display unit sets to enter and view data in the preferred format. Use the easy-to-use Convert Units feature to quickly enter values in different units without having to change the display unit set. Spend time analyzing data rather than manipulating or converting it into a format that can be more easily analyzed.
Product:Landmark EDM R5000.1.10.0