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Tecplot Chorus 2017 R2

Tecplot Chorus 2017 R2

Most Common Applications

• Optimizing your designs.
• Developing aero databases.
• Predicting performance over the operating envelope.
• Investigating engineering problems.
The Tecplot Solution

• Analyze 1-1000+ simulation cases at the same time.
• Easily manage test and computational data.
• Promote greater collaboration among teams.
• Share simulation data to avoid rework.
What’s New in Chorus 2017 Release 2

The Group By feature in line plots has been replaced with the ability to use variables to define line color and symbol shapes, providing two levels of line groupings to help you better understand the trends in your data.
The Licensing dialog now accepts a pasted single-user license key.
We have also fixed a few bugs reported by customers, including one where relative paths to CSV files did not work in session files.
Read more details in the Release Notes.

What’s New in Chorus 2017 Release 1

You can benefit from the exploratory power of Chorus! Tecplot 360 2017 now includes Chorus and is available to customers with TecPLUS™ service.

Chorus has improved the ability to learn more about data trends by allowing the use of variables to define the line color and symbol shape.
Chorus now recognizes .bin and .tec filename extensions as Tecplot binary data files (normally .plt). These nonstandard extensions are used in output filenames by some solvers.
Loaders for OpenFOAM, TRIX and EnSight data files have been added, allowing these to be opened in Tecplot 360 directly from Chorus. Learn more about Cart3D and Tecplot.
Columns in header views can now be rearranged by dragging them, so that you can easily group related variables however you like.
Product:Tecplot Chorus 2017 R2