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Synopsys TetraMax 2008.09 SP5 Linux

Installing TetraMAX
This section describes Synopsys license key requirements and the two types of installation
for TetraMAX ATPG and TetraMAX IddQTest, version B-2008.09.
You can install TetraMAX as a stand-alone product or as an overlay product.
• Stand-alone (txs)
Install TetraMAX stand-alone in its own directory. The product ID for the stand-alone
version is txs.
• Overlay (tx)
Install TetraMAX overlay in the same directory as the appropriate release of the synthesis
tools. See “Overlay Installation” The product ID for the overlay version is tx.
If you are going to install TetraMAX IddQTEST, you must install it first (see “Optional
Installation of IddQTest”), then install TetraMAX ATPG as an overlay to the synthesis tools.
License Key Requirements
TetraMAX version B-2008.09 uses the Synopsys Common Licensing (SCL) system. For
information about downloading SCL, installing SCL, or setting the license variable, see
Installing Synopsys Tools at
Optional features such as Diagnosis, IddQTest, PatternMap, DSMTest, and distributed
ATPG each require a separate license. For specific information on the licenses required
for TetraMAX options, install the product and see the online Help topic “Understanding
TetraMAX License Usage.”
Running TetraMAX in 64-Bit Mode
In 64-bit mode, TetraMAX supports both the shell and GUI on Solaris, AMD64, and Suse64
To invoke TetraMAX ATPG in 64-bit mode, use the -64 switch.
% tmax -64 [other options]
An alternative method is to set the TMAX_64BIT variable to true (or to any string other than null).
product:Synopsys TetraMax 2008.09 SP5 Linux