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Synopsys Star-RCXT 2008.12 SP2 AMD64

Synopsys’ Star-RCXT™ is the electronic design automation (EDA) industry’s gold standard for
parasitic extraction. It provides a single solution for ASIC, system-on-chip (SoC), digital custom,
memory and analog designs. Trusted by over 250 semiconductor companies and proven in thousands
of production designs, Star-RCXT delivers fast and sub-femtofarad accurate technology. The Star-
RCXT solution offers advanced capabilities needed for sub-65-nanometer (nm) designs, including
variation-aware parasitic extraction, chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) based and litho-aware
extraction, inductance extraction and analog mixed signal design flow. Its seamless integration with
industry leading physical verification, circuit simulation, timing, signal integrity, power, reliability
and RTL2GDSII flows enables unmatched ease-of-use, increased productivity and reduced time-to-
market. Star-RCXT is used by leading foundries to solve process modeling challenges at 65-nm
and 45-nm.
product:Synopsys Star-RCXT 2008.12 SP2 AMD64