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Synopsys Formality 2008.09 SP4 Linux

Formality® is an equivalence-checking (EC) solution that uses formal, static techniques to determine if two versions of a design are functionally equivalent.

The size and complexity of today’s designs, coupled with the challenges of meeting timing, area, power and schedule, requires that the newest, most advanced synthesis optimizations be fully verifiable.

Formality supports all of the out-ofthe- box DC Ultra optimizations and so provides the highest quality of results that are fully verifiable.

Formality supports verification of power-up and power-down states, multi-voltage, multi-supply and clock gated designs.

Formality’s easy-to-use, flow-based graphical user interface and auto-setup mode helps even new users successfully complete verification in the shortest possible time.
product:Synopsys Formality 2008.09 SP4 Linux