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Synopsys IC Workbench PLUS 2007.03 Linux

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IC WorkBench (ICWB) is a powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool with GDSII/OASIS viewing, layout editing, and high-speed lithography simulation and analysis. IC WorkBench is designed to address a variety of lithographic applications including: Mask Synthesis flow development, OPC model development and calibration, lithography verification error analysis,design rule creation and validation, yield and printability optimization of critical cells, and new process development.
IC WorkBench provides qualitative and quantitative information on wafer imaging characteristicsunder varying parameter and process conditions.

High Speed, High Capacity Viewing and Editing
ICWB builds on a solid foundation of fast GDSII/OASIS viewing and editing tool designed to handle the geometrically increasing file sizes of advanced process nodes. ICWB loads gigabytes of data in minutes and has an unlimited file size capacity on 64 bit platforms. Fast zooming and panning ease exploration and analysis of the largest GDS patterns. In addition, ICWB can overlay two layouts in a single view without merging the underlying GDS files.

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product:Synopsys IC Workbench PLUS 2007.03 Linux