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deluo Routis V2004 2CD

Our powerful street navigation with maps for the USA and Canada just got better! Not only does Routis work on Pocket PC 2002/2003 and Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP, but it now also provides 3 unique 3-D modes and dynamic map loading. Fully compatible with your Deluo GPS receiver, Routis utilizes NAVTECH maps with verbal turn-by-turn directions to deliver you to your destination intelligently. Simply punch in your destination and Routis figures out the rest. Its easy-to-use user interface makes sure that you can control Routis just with your fingertips. There is no need to use the stylus to type addresses since it has its own finger-sized-keys keyboard. With Routis you no longer need to stop and ask for directions at that gas station in the middle of nowhere or listen to backseat drivers who know all the \”shortcuts.\” When combined with your Deluo GPS receiver, Routis turns your PDA into a complete navigation system. New for 2004: * A Reduce Turns option to give smarter routes * Birds eye view (3D) with 3 angles * Address lookup for streets with multiple names * Shopping POI category and more Entertainment * Avoid Road(s) option — replaces current Detour * Dynamic map data loading so you install any map region, e.g. CA and NY (note: altough you still cannot route from CA to NY on a Pocket PC due to memory restraint, you can now have both states loaded). (note: this is not an issue on the laptop.) Improved for 2004: * Faster map and street-name display * Faster Address lookup by City First * Better Road Snapping * More accurate Guidance * Better Address lookup by Contacts (Routis 2004 for PDA only) Geak Speak ———- Requirements: * Routis supports Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003. Note that Casio PDAs, Palm OS and any other PDA that uses SH3 (ie: HP Jornada 52x, 54x) or MIPS (ie: old Cassiopeia models) processor are NOT supported. * For Laptop use, Routis supports Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. Please be sure to have the latest Service Packs installed. Product Features: * Map display: smooth scrolling map, zoom in/out, pan, clear labels for current street, next turn movement, distance to next turn movement. * Views: navigation, sky view, gps info compass view, map. Auto brightness control for day and night use. * Dual text entry modes: standard transcriber and large keypad for quick selection of recent destinations * Track recording Benefits: * Increase in productivity due to time saving * With Routis, information on any street in any community is displayed instantaneously on your PDA, making it unnecessary to thumb through difficult to read maps. This will save your valuable time. * Safety: Since Routis is used with your portable device, it can be easily accessed and stored away. With turn-by-turn voice instructions, you can keep your eye on the road and concentrate on driving without worrying about missing a turn. * Confidence: Information retrieved from Routis is updated with the most current street information, making you confident that you will reach your destination. With Routis, you can drive with your mind at ease with the knowledge that our product has been thoroughly tested to attain perfect results. * User friendly: You need only use Routis once to become an expert navigator. Our user-friendly controls allow for quick access to a map of your desired location.
product:deluo Routis V2004 2CD