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Trimble RealWorks 12.3.3

Trimble RealWorks 12.3.3

New Features and Enhancements

Data Management

Description New or


Feature Overview Benefit/Comments

Send to Revit® Enh The software now creates native Autodesk

Revit® flanges and valves, giving access to

the whole set of Revit® tools



Resolved Issues

ZFS import: fixed issue with leveled scans which caused registration inaccuracies

ZFS import: fixed orientation, scans were rotated by 90° around the vertical axis

Create Sampled Scans: fixed crash when project was linked to missing TZF scan files

Send to Revit®: fixed crash in Revit® plugin when the import options were not filled

Imaging Ortho-Projection: fixed random endless processing

Cloud-Based Registration: fixed dropdown issue when merging several groups

Import and Register: fixed instabilities when some scans are missing in the proje

product:Trimble RealWorks 12.3.3