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Dragonfly 2022.2

Dragonfly 2022.2

From straightforward visualization to advanced image processing, segmentation, and quantification, Dragonfly delivers the features you need to accomplish meaningful results quickly and confidently.

Standard features

Featuring an easy-to-use user interface with intuitive workflows and an extensive set of tools for the multi-dimensional display, transformation, segmentation, registration, and measurement of multi-scale multi-modality image data, Dragonfly delivers qualitative and quantitative results for material characterization, structure properties, surface analysis, process evaluation, quality control testing, or any analysis function that requires a high-degree of accuracy.

Dragonfly is the ideal framework for integrating data from multiple sources into a single environment, whether your images come from leading microscope and imaging hardware vendors or RAW files produced by academic software.
  Image stacks (.tif*, .tiff*, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .dib extensions).
  DICOM image files (.dcm extension).
  MRC (.mrc extension), REK (.rek extension), TXM** (.txm extension), CZI*** (.czi extension).
  RAW data (.raw and .pic extensions) with or without header files (.dat extension).
  Analyze 7.5 files (.hdr extension with accompanying .img extension).
  Support for time dependant data and RGB images.
  Support for hyperspectral and hyperdimensional images from EDS, EELS, SIMS, EBSD-imaging systems and ptychography (.am, .dm3, .dm4 extensions, and .h5 for pycroscopy). Beta version only.
  * Includes support for Hitachi SEM acquisitions.

** File format used by ZEISS Xradia 3D X-ray microscopes. Available for Dragonfly Pro only.

*** File format used by ZEISS microscopes. Available for Dragonfly Pro only.

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