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Trimble Business Center v5.7.1

Trimble Business Center v5.7.1

Trimble Business Center\’s field to finish survey CAD software helps surveyors deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project\’s lifecycle.

Released June 1, 2022, version 5.70 of Trimble® Business Center (TBC) software includes valuable improvements that emphasize accuracy, flexibility and efficiency in the work of survey and construction professionals.


Recognizing how important accuracy is, TBC v5.70 has enhanced as-built analysis and delta reporting capabilities that allow the user to easily compare scan data and 3D models. Identifying changes in the field helps verify accuracy and compliance with the design. In addition, all geodetic databases have been updated to ensure the utmost accuracy in every project.


With increased customization and personalization of templates, TBC is an effective collaboration tool for sharing information with colleagues across an organization. For added convenience and efficiency, the new TBC software has expanded capabilities in aerial photogrammetry and specifically, enhanced the workflows for tunneling. These user-friendly end-to-end solutions in TBC reduce the need to work with multiple software solutions, which streamlines processes.


Scan Inspections

With expanded scan inspection features, TBC v5.70 allows survey and construction professionals to perform detailed analysis and comparisons between two sets of scan data, or scan data to a 3D object (mesh, IFC, TRB, or surface).


The new scan inspection workflow allows users to import scan inspections already created through Trimble Access™ software, as well as create new inspections in TBC.

This workflow enables users to pick points around the area of inspections, set tolerances and display a color map. Then users can calculate the delta between scans or the distance from a scan to an IFC model.


Once the points are defined and added to the project, users can create a report that displays the inspection area with the labeled points and detailed reporting of those deltas.

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