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Fracpro 10.11.73 5

What’s New in FRACPRO 2021?


 Integration with Fracpro.AI and Fracpro OPS

o Ability to Stream live frac data to the cloud by connecting to Fracpro.AI on F3

o Ability to pull chemical and proppant data captured in Fracpro OPS to FRACPRO for post job


o Ability to push an INP and/or Post Job Report to the cloud

o Place diagnostic markers for Well Open, Ball Seat, Breakdown, and ISIP

 New Fluid System concept with chemical tracking for the whole job as well as for individual steps. (Found

on Shift+F5)

o Can calculate and tabulate design and actual step volumes, rates, concentrations (Found on F6

under Chemicals tab)

 Improved stress interference calculation.

 Improved the way perforations are displayed on IFP graphics

o We now show only the selected treatment\’s perforation clusters on the IFP graphics

 Improved WITSML output

 Enhanced reporting features found on Shift+F2

o Post Job Report checkbox on “Word Report Content and Layout” tab

o New “Material Usage” tab

 Chemical, proppant design/metered/actual totals

 Acid design/actual totals

 Stage View will display data for the selected stage

 If running a multiple treatment INP, Well View can be selected to enter data for multiple


o New “Post-Job Data” tab with many new fields

 Kickoff TVD

 Plug Depth

 Produced Water

 Design Avg. Treating Pressure

 Design Avg. Frac Gradient

 Charge Weight

 Plug Type

 Operator’s Max Pressure

 Pumpdown Volume

 Pumpdown Max Pressure

 Pumpdown Max Rate

 Field Gas


 Pad Stage No.

 Multiple Min/Max/Average intervals on PRC plot.

 Improved DataConvert functionality with more automation.

 Improved Auto-Step functionality for real-time jobs.

o Added auto-step from Clean/Slurry Step Total.

o Auto-step by step number will increment by 1 regardless of step number

 Improved display of results and report generation for past jobs loaded from result file without re-running

the model.

 Improved auto-staging on Cursor Editing screen. Added auto-staging for multiple stages.

 Improved Well and Treatment Info screen with many more fields.

 Improved multiple treatment INP

 User can now select up to 16 channels to view on a plot

 Job Comment Improvements

o Ability to include a job comment for every annotation created on a plot, option found under Job

Comments on F3

o Job comments can now be exported in real time/dbs ascii

 Step Output (found under Results  Numeric Output dropdown)

o Displays step data and user can select multiple variables to display


 Fixed a bug where if the user pressed “Enter” on a plot, FRACPRO would crash

 Fixed a bug where the treatment would advance to next stage when real time data runs past the last step


 Fixed a bug where the channel aliases would continue to stick after being cleared

 Fixed a bug where DataAcq would crash on TCP Server mode after 50+ minutes of Acq Time

 Fixed multiple bugs with multiple treatment and multiple wellbore INP files

 Fixed a bug where the auto step would negate step 1 and go to step 2

 Fixed a bug where steps would shift to the right

Product:Fracpro 10.11.73 5