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BR&E ProMax v5.0

ProMax v5.0


ProMax 5.0 Now Available!

If you already have a license of ProMax, you may download the latest version by creating a log-in here. If you do not have a license of ProMax, contact us today to learn how!

Patch ProMax 5.0 to the latest build to receive:

  • DOW UCARSOL™ Solvents

    • UCARSOL HS-103
    • UCARSOL AP-804
    • UCARSOL AP-806
    • UCARSOL AP-810
    • UCARSOL AP-814

  • Custom Trays for Mass Transfer and Hydraulic Calculations

    • User can now set weir length and liquid flow path length

  • Heat and Mass Flux in Rated Heat Exchangers
  • Hydrocarbon Freeze-Out for LNG and other systems
  • Improvements to equilibrium and property predictions
  • Copy-and-paste streams and blocks, including groups of streams and blocks

New Features in ProMax 5.0:

Mixed Species™:

  • Mixed Species are mixtures of individual components that appear in the component list as a single component.
  • Predefined mixtures of fixed composition such as air, ASHRAE designated refrigerant blends, and more.
  • User Defined Mixed Species where users can create their own single-component that represents a blend of pure species.

GIS Tool™:

  • Allows importation of geographic information system (GIS) data to create pipeline networks in ProMax.
  • Sources can be kmz, kml, or shp formats.
  • Data reduction allows for simplification of expansive data imports to increase speed while maintaining fidelity of the information.
  • Automatically detects connectivity with nearby pipelines
  • The GIS Tool’s graphical interface shows real plotting of data as well as manipulation without the need to re-import the data.
  • Populates missing pipeline elevation with data from satellite scans of the Earth’s surface.
  • Can overlay other important geographic information that may be missing from the GIS data, such as geopolitical boundaries, locations of energy facilities, and more.
  • A new pipeline dialog called the Flowsheet Tool allowing for consistent and comprehensive viewing of entire pipe networks in ProMax.

Huntsman JEFFTREAT® Solvents:

  • Available to all ProMax users (security device update required).
  • Solvents available include:

    • JEFFTREAT MS-100
    • JEFFTREAT MS-203
    • JEFFTREAT MS-205
    • JEFFTREAT MS-303
    • JEFFTREAT M-505
    • JEFFTREAT M-507
    • JEFFTREAT M-510

Alkylation Reactor Block:

  • The new Alkylation block converts C3, C4, and C5 olefins into alkylate (mixed C7, C8, and C9 iso-paraffins) plus C11, C12, and C13 poly-alkylation products.  The poly-alkylation products undergo further cracking before leaving the reactor.
  • The block allows for convenient investigation of reactor temperature, iso-butane/olefin ratio, and outlet olefin leakage.
  • Both HF and Sulfuric Acid systems available.
  • Account for

    • Acid circulation, iso-butane circulation, and HF stripper recycle closure
    • External and internal HF acid regeneration plus acid settler carryover
    • Sulfuric acid strength and refrigeration
    • Fractionator Hydraulics

Delayed Coker Block:

  • Model refinery delayed coking processes where heavy petroleum fractions are cracked into lighter components, such as gas, gasoline, and gas oil.
  • Predict product yields using a fully customizable yield model.
  • Study the effects of recycle ratio, drum pressure, and furnace temperature on unit performance.
  • Relate drum outage height and cycle time.
  • Anticipate the effect of feed Micro Carbon Residue (MCR) on coke production rate.
  • Integrate with Vacuum Tower model to evaluate the effect of changing Vacuum Tower operations on the coker unit.

AutoKinetic® Reactor Improvements:

  • Simplified User Interface making for easier implementation.
  • Reduced number of required inputs for fixed-bed reactors.
  • Solve time dramatically decreased, in most cases by 80% or more.
  • Hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) reactions now available for complete modeling of hydrotreaters and their effluents.

Additional Blocks:

  • Ejector/Eductor block to calculate pressure boost to a driven fluid
  • Flare Tip to predict radiation, destruction efficiency, and noise following API Recommended Practices 521.
  • Seal Drum to determine relationship between geometry and pressure drop for forward flow through a liquid seal, as well as predictions of a vacuum condition, following API Recommended Practices 521.
  • Tee/Wye blocks that estimate pressure losses at piping junctions.
  • Membrane block to predict fluid separation from partial pressure gradients across membrane surfaces.

Production Modeling:

  • Inflow performance relationship (IPR) for both gas and oil wells using a variety of methods and correlations.
  • Multiphase vertical flow relationships through production tubing.
  • Production improvements through artificial gas lift.
  • Effect of surface choke setting on production rates.
  • Optimization of surface production equipment to maximize production rates.

Allocation/Hydrocarbon Accounting:

  • Easily model the allocation of hydrocarbons through a production facility, pipeline system, gas plant, and more!
  • High fidelity modeling with strict adherence to first principles.
  • Greatly reduce component list to a single set: no component duplication required!
  • Fully evaluate the effect that one production well has on another.
  • Calculations can be automated to perform the accounting monthly, daily, or even hourly!

Crude Oil Prediction Improvements:

  • Built-in worldwide database of characterized crude oils.
  • Additional bulk properties available as input, such as bulk viscosity.
  • User-defined properties allow for distribution of a variety of properties, such as sulfur distribution, metals, nitrogen, and more!

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