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Trimble UASMaster 13.0

Trimble UASMaster 13.0

Trimble Inpho UASMaster Complete Photogrammetric Workstation for UAS and Terrestrial Close-Range Imagery Contact Sales Create powerful deliverables from images collected with UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) aerial mapping and surveying systems.

Highlights in UASMaster 13.0

Faster ortho mosaicking in UASMaster

After the significant improvement in SGM in version 12.2, in this version, project managers can enjoy better

performance and speed up ortho mosaicking up to 35% and accelerate their productivity with the classical


Extended Inpho capabilities for Windows Server and CITRIX

Due to the rapidly growing imagery projects, we received more and more requests from project managers

and organizations, who would like to increase and ensure their productivity by running parallel projects in

their high performance and highly secured Server environments, with a multi-user access. In this version, we

changed the structure of files from machine-scope to user-scope.

New 3D mesh approach in UASMaster for higher quality

In this version, UASMaster comes with a new mesh generation algorithm to increase the realistic impression

of 3D models, based on smarter image selection in the matching. Furthermore, users can produce higher

quality meshes, due to a new mesh texturing technology. The significant change in visual consistency can be

seen by reducing artifacts caused by moving objects, e.g. cars, or water reflection and changing lighting


Better performance for a cleaned-up true-orthophoto in UASMaster

Thanks to the optimized borderline for true-orthophoto generation in this version, the best fitting processing

area can be defined considering the available models and fold parameters. This reduces the processing time

to an optimized level.

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