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Trimble Photogrammetry 13.0

Trimble Photogrammetry 13.0

Version 13 is now available for all Trimble® Inpho® software products, including UASMaster.

To meet the evolving needs of the innovative and rapidly growing aerial imagery market, Trimble Inpho software version 13 offers notable new features.

  • In this version, OrthoVista significantly speeds up productivity with generation of ortho mosaics up to 13x faster than in the previous version.
  • Through the integration of new Phase One multi-head cameras in the Trimble Inpho workflow, the new software version offers streamlined capabilities for working with Phase One datasets.
  • In addition to this, users will benefit from expanded support of multi-users for Windows Servers and CITRIX environments, as well as higher quality 3D meshes in MATCH-3DX.

Highlights: Trimble Inpho Version 13

Integration of Phase One cameras in the Trimble Inpho workflow

In previous versions, Phase One cameras and platforms have been handled like the other imagery sensors in the market. With a new collaboration between Trimble Inpho and Phase One, the SDK of Phase One is now integrated into the Inpho workflow. Users can now speed up productivity by importing images in IIQ Phase One format and automatically setting up the project based on predefined templates in Project Editor and Camera Editor. This automation step in the integration of Phase One cameras simplifies and ensures project efficiency by reducing the time in project setup and decreasing the risk of mistakes by manually defining parameters. In version 13, the high precision large format nadir sensor PAS 280 and the large format multi-head sensor PAS 880 are integrated into the workflow.

Stronger and faster image matching in MATCH-AT

In the last version, MATCH-AT introduced a newer and stronger matching engine. In MATCH-AT version 13, the robustness of the image matching is even higher, which allows users to better handle challenging areas like forests or regions with poor texture and contrast. Users can also enjoy more adaptability in matching for projects in mountainous and hilly terrains, as well as in oblique imagery, where the scale and perspective can be varied from image to image. The sensibility of the matching algorithm can be set in this version depending on the area type, image content, varying from Forest with less contrast up to City with various objects and more contrast. With the activation of caching in the process, matching time is also up to 30% faster.

Exponentially boosted performance in OrthoVista

Over the past decades, OrthoVista has shown its legacy in quality and reliability of photogrammetry product lines. This product is well known for its strong capabilities in color-balanced and homogeneous mosaicing orthophotos, particularly for large imagery projects. Users can now benefit from an exponentially higher performance in OrthoVista, which speeds up productivity with generation of ortho mosaics up to 13x faster than in the previous version.





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