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aspenONE Suite v12.1

aspenONE Suite v12.1

AspenTech Industrial AI™

We embed AI into our most widely adopted, industry-leading products and solutions, and empower data scientists to collaborate with domain experts to enrich models.

  • Solve complex problems more effectively by tuning first principles models with AI
  • Accelerate value with higher quality, accuracy and access to enterprise data
  • Provide intuitive guidance to better support users
  • Automate and simplify the creation and sustainment of models
  • Exchange data and models between domain experts and data scientists
  • Accelerate the use of models for sustainability use cases

Jumpstart Sustainability with New Sample Models

  • \’Getting Started\’ sample models enable quick access to the capabilities within Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen Plus®, Aspen Unified PIMS™, and Aspen PIMS-AO™ to model and optimize bio feedstocks, carbon capture, and hydrogen processes
  • Accelerate the use of models for sustainability applications
  • Sample models can be easily adapted to what you are b


Product:aspenONE Suite v12.1
Size:8.5 GB