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PLAXIS Monopile Designer CONNECT Edition V21 Update 1

PLAXIS Monopile Designer CONNECT Edition V21 Update 1

The PLAXIS development team is pleased to announce the availability of PLAXIS Monopile Designer CONNECT Edition V21 Update 1 is a software package intended for the design of monopiles asfoundation elements for offshore wind turbines under lateral loading conditions.

Calibration with target displacement at mudline in PLAXIS Monopile Designer

In previous versions, it was only possible to impose a prescribed displacement at the top of the pile, which required guessing before calculating how that would translate into the desired displacement at the mudline. This led to calculations either taking longer than needed or some trial-and-error to find the right value of the prescribed displacement. This parameter has been replaced by a target displacement at mudline, relative to the diameter of the monopile. PLAXIS Monopile Designer will automatically estimate the prescribed displacement imposed at the top and automatically stop the analysis when the calculation reaches the target point. This makes the Calibration process much more efficient and predictable. When further combined with the Subspace accelerator, now active by default, it can lead to significant speed improvement.

PLAXIS Monopile Designer (formerly PLAXIS MoDeTo) introduces an enhanced design method for monopile foundations. It transfers the results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project to daily engineering practice. PLAXIS Monopile Designer enables dramatic reductions in the amount of steel of each monopile and, as such, in the overall costs of any wind farm. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for the rule-based design method and in connection with PLAXIS 3D for the numerical-based design method.

We are happy to announce that in April 2021 we released all-new PLAXIS versions: CONNECT Edition V21 Update 1. This includes PLAXIS 2D, PLAXIS 3D, PLAXIS 2D LE, PLAXIS 3D LE, PLAXIS Designer, and PLAXIS Monopile Designer.

CONNECT Edition V21 Update 1 adds functionality to improve productivity by improving the numerical process for non-linear systems using the new subspace accelerator, and we can use a new API to automate Limit Equilibrium slope stability analyses. On top of that, we made running analyses for offshore analysis of suction buckets easier using the new PLAXIS-SACS Suction Bucket Analysis tool.

By consolidating the product lines for geotechnical analysis since Version 21, we can now make big steps in interoperability between the Finite Element solution and the Limit Equilibrium solutions. The new consolidated PLAXIS product line also offers great new functionality with new constitutive soil models, e.g., NorSand, PM4Silt, and a new way to deal with unsaturated soil strength. We invested in improvements on tunnel CAD import. And we added a calculation convergence log to better understand the numerical process

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