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TomoPlus 5.9

TomoPlus 5.9

TomoPlus is a comprehensive near-surface solutions package. It is designed to obtain an accurate near-surface velocity model , and derive accurate long and short wavelength statics solution to help seismic data processing.

TomoPlus offers both conventional and high-end near-surface refraction solutions to handle a variety of near-surface problems. In simple situations, conventional approaches are applied to resolve high velocity contrasts and offer high resolution solutions. In complex areas, conventional methods may be applied to derive a good initial velocity model, and then high-end imaging technologies, such as nonlinear traveltime tomography, full waveform tomography, or joint traveltime waveform tomography may be applied to resolve more details. Besides several robust automatic first-break pickers, TomoPlus offers basic and advanced 2D & 3D near-surface imaging and statics approaches;



  • Refraction Delay-Time
  • GLI3D Refraction Traveltime Inversion

Product:TomoPlus 5.9